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Super electrical control systerm.

Super ECS is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in researching and manufacturing of the power control system of ebike . Our experienced factory have the most stable quality and the most excellent reserve.Since 2012 when we jioned in the ebike market,Decades of work has earned us fame and loyal clients. it's known that our productions are securing ,and our service is high quality.
We Focus on Producing Eco Friendly Environment, As Humans and Entrepreneurs We are Responsible to Create Harmonized Nature.
  In 2021, Covid-19 Changed the Way People Think and Even Move Around, Ebikes Became More Than a Transportation Vehicles ,so the super electric control system is needed by people. So you can catch the opportunity by getting yourself a order for the market.
  We provide our customers super electric control system, with better function of Automatic control, protection, monitoring and measurement.One of its' characteristic is that it can promise the electric power equipment running safely. which is more competitive in the market than those normal products.
Today, Super ECS had been one of the leading companies in electric control industry.We are working on developing more possibilities for the people around us.So far, we have a number of technical talents of electric control system.And we gained our own intellectual property. Nowadays,we are one of the manufacturers with core technologies of various electric control systems.
  Our mission is “To Become a electric control system Brand and Succeed By Making Successful Partners in this Industry ”Increasing Production And Consumption Number is not Main Goal, The Most Importantly Help People to Start up Their own Business, Create More Miracles.
  We Feel Proud and Delighted That We are Part of The Transportation Revolution And Huge Project of Making World a Better Place to Live .
With our Never-Ending Curiosity, To Meet Our Visions to Help and Support Partners to Grow In the Competitive and Fast Changing World. Let’s Stay Innovative and Fashioned Together With  super ECS!

Quality Control-Motor

Motor machine: 
1.Sample test 100% 
2.The first time prodcution test 100% 
3.From the second time prodcution,test 10%,according the motor ID,and save the Date to send customer

Quality Control-Battery

Battery test machine: 
1.Testing the charging capacity 
2.Testing the discharging capacity 
3.Temperature of the charging and discharging 
4.Voltage variation of a single cell when charging and discharging 
5.Sample test 100% 
6.quantity production 4%(because our machine only have 4 Test channel)

Quality Control-power Pack Testing(complet System Testing)

loading and sharking testing: 
1.loading 120kg 
2.Up, down, left and right vibration 
3.Testing time 3minuts per kits 4.function testing:PAS,Throttle,Brake, Speed, Noise etc

Quality Control- Motor And Hub Wheel

Holland Mechanics: 
1.assambly wheel and spokes machine 
2.wheel Eccentricity,left and right,down and up adjusting machine 
3.two machines make sure all the rims keep same quality level.
Super ECS — Super electrical control systerm.


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