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  • Q What kind of company is the Super-ECS?

    A Super ECS means Super Electric Control Systerm.We focous on the research and development of electric control systerm of e-bike and e-scooters ,including controller,display,motor,and bettery,etc.The controller including the development of hardware ,software and the IOT. Designing and developong of LED &LCD are the main job for the display.We focous on the development of external&inner rotor,and the mid-drive motor.For the battery,it’s mentallly includes the designs for appearance and structural,as well as the development of BMS.
  • Q What’s the main products of SuperECS?

    A ebikes,e-scooters,ebike kits
  • Q How about the ODM power of Super ECS?

    A 70% of products are ODM products,including Eroupe,America,and Japan,etc.
  • Q How about the after-sale service of Super ECS ?

    A we’ll found two after-sale service organization in Germany&LosAngeles in the end of December this year.
Super ECS — Super electrical control systerm.


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