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Swytch Suitable for any bicycle Lithium battery 5.2Ah 7Ah 10AH 36v 250w Ebike Front rear Hub Motor Electric folding Bike Brompton Complete Kit FOC controller CANbus

The biggest advantage of this electric bike kit is that the battery can be installed anywhere on the bike, which is easy to assemble and has a stylish appearance.
  • SUP-KIT-01

  • Super-ecs

  • sup-001


  • Informations

  • Battery can be equipped with Samsung cell,LG cell,Panasonic cell or High power Chinese 18650 /21700cell;

  • Battery can be customized as your requirements;

  • OEM/ODM orders are welcomed;

  • Battery Technical Data

Battery size 80*255 80*275
Battery case material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Battery capacity 5.2AH/7AH
Cell type 18650/21700
Battery Life >500Times >500Times
Composed type 10S2P 10S2P
Charging port DC5521 DC5521
Match power 5.2/7AH 250W~350W 10AH/250W~500W
Working temperature Charging: 0℃~45℃,Discharging: -10℃~45℃ Charging: 0℃~45℃,Discharging: -10℃~45℃
Nominal Voltage 36v 36v

Continuous discharge current 12A 17A
Over–charged Protection Voltage 42V
Over –discharged Protection Voltage 30V 30V
Charging Current 5.2/7AH 2A 10AH/2.9A
Weight 1.8KG 2.1KG
Certification CE/UN38.3 CE/UN38.3
  • Lithium Battery Features

  • Safety: safest Li-Ion battery, CE UN38.3 approved, built in PCM/PCB, none fire or explosive;

  • Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained;

  • Long life cycle, 80% capacity remain after 500 times deep cycle;

  • No memory effect,highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity;

  • Small size, light weight;

  • Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance;

  • Low self-discharge rate: < 3% monthly;

  • Lithium cylindrical rechargeable batteries with PCB protection;

  • Internal PCB protection (patent pending design) protect battery from over charge,over discharge,over current and short circuit;

  • Battery tested before delivery to ensure capacity, quality and lifetime;

  • Pollution-Free/Long Cycle Life/Good Consistency;

  • Large manufacturers, short delivery time, price advantage;



High torque brushless inner gear motor producing up to 45Nm of torque. Our hub helps you to climb hill effortlessly and shorten riding journey. Motor can assist average adult up to 35% incline with ease.The silent Macfrey motor hub has no drags even when system is turn off.

1.AKM85SX (F1)

  • Product description: Our 85SX Series e-bike front hub motor is one of the best electric bike motors on the market.The features are lightweight,only 1.6 kg, Max torque 30N.m , efficiency 80%.

11  1632720310113308

Bike Recommendation E-ROAD Size : H1 / H2 109mm / 120mm
W1 / W2 0mm / 6.7mm W3 / W4 6.7mm / 38mm
W5 / W6 14mm / 11mm Installation Widths (mm/OLD) 75mm
Rated Power 250W Rated Voltage(DCV) 24V/36V
Wheel Size(Inch) 16"~20" Max Torque(N.m) 30
Efficiency(%) ≥80 Weight (kg) 1.6
Speed(km) 25 Noise Grade (dB) <55
Operating Temperature -20℃~45℃ Cabling Route Optional
Spoke Parameter 36H*13G (Optional) Line Way Left
IP Level 65 Certification CE/RoHS/EN 15194

2.AKM100SX (F1)

  • Product description: This is front hub motor, rated power 250W, maximum torque 45N.m , suitable for 20 "~28" wheel diameter city bicycle.

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Bike Recommendation E-CITY Efficiency(%) ≥80
Size : H1 / H2 109mm / 120mm Weight (kg) 1.9
W1 / W2 0mm / 14mm Speed(km) 25
W3 / W4 10.5mm / 47mm Noise Grade (dB) <55
W5 / W6 21mm / 21mm Operating Temperature -20℃~45℃
Installation Widths (mm/OLD) 100mm Color Black / Silver
Rated Power 250W Spoke Parameter 36H*13G (Optional)
Rated Voltage(DCV) 24V/36V Line Way Left / Right
Wheel Size(Inch) 20"~28" IP Level 65
Max Torque(N.m) 45 Certification CE/RoHS/EN 15194


Our newly develop EN certified FOC(Field Oriented Controller) can work with or without hall sensor, in an event if hall sensor fall or damaged it doesn't affect the system operation. Program sofware can be easily adapted by computer APP.

Pedal Assist Sensor


The KT-D12 booster sensor has 12 signal outputs, fast booster response, good accuracy, strong waterproofness and high reliability. Easy and quick installation and disassembly. The sensor is divided into two types: left-side installation and right-side installation, which can be installed in different positions and are suitable for various models.


               Version 1:Select the display of the UKS4 model to directly connect the throttle to the display.

     Version 2:Select the display of the MAC-CQ1 model. This retrofit kit is not equipped with the throttle function.

Super ECS — Super electrical control systerm.


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