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Whosale Ebike Display Intelligent LCD electric bike bicycle screen Wheel Hub Motor conversion kit DZ39

Intelligent LCD display, model: DZ39
Simple and light, left switch LED display, and can be used with middle display.
High brightness RGB multicolor LED lamp
Excellent outdoor design IP65 waterproof ability
Serial communication interface, convenient maintenance service
  • DZ39

  • Super-ecs

  • SUP-DZ39-003



Display overall dimensions


Display coding rules


  • SW102 product model (this information is not listed in barcode information);

  • C manufacturer code or production team code;

  • S2 product model code;

  • C01 indicates the number of weeks in the production year;

  • B indicates the hardware version;

  • 101 indicates the firmware version number;

  • 001 indicates the serial number of the product.

Product description

  • specification parameters

  • Power supply: DC 24V/36V/48V

  • Rated current: 18mA/36V

  • Shutdown leakage current: < 1uA;

  • Display: 5 RGB tricolor LED lights

  • Communication mode: UART (default)

  • Operating temperature:-20 C ~ 60 C

  • Storage temperature:-30 C ~ 80 C

  • Waterproof grade: IP65

  • Functional overview

  • Three keys, easy to operate

  • Gear control: default gear 1-3 (indicated by different colors)

  • Level 6 power indicator: 1-5 power levels, and under-voltage prompt.

  • Light-on function: headlight switch (supported by controller)

  • Power-boosting function

  • Fault code indication

  • Installation method

  • Open the locking clamp of the display, put it on the left handlebar (standard handle pipe specification: φ 22.2), adjust it to an easy-to-operate position, and fix and tighten the fixing screw with M3 hexagon socket. Locking torque: 0.8N.m * Display damage caused by excessive torque is not covered by warranty.

  • Connect the display connector 5pin plug-in to the controller docking connector as indicated.

  • display interface

  • boot display


Turn on the LED green light to make the marquee effect of 0.1s, and then fully display the colors. Switch each color to blink twice.

  • Normal riding state


  • Gear indication: gear 0 (white light), gear 1 (green light), gear 2 (blue light) and gear 3 (red light)

  • Electricity quantity indication: Level 6 electricity quantity indication: Level 1-5 electricity quantity and under-voltage indication (1 light flashes).

  • key definition

  • On/off/function keys:/, 电源11adjustment key+:箭头向上, adjustment key-:箭头向上

  • functional operation

  • On/Off:

Keep the normal connection state between the display and the controller, press the电源key for 2 seconds when the display is turned off, and the display will fully display the startup interface, then enter the basic interface normally and start working; Long press the电源(2 seconds) in the power-on state, and the display will turn off. If the rider does not operate the meter for 5 minutes (default) (and the speed is 0), the meter will automatically turn off.

  • Power shift switch:

Press the箭头向上key or the箭头向下key to switch the power-assisted gear and change the power-assisted mode. There are four modes: 0/ low/medium/high gear.


  • Help implement

Press the箭头向下key for 2 seconds, and then enter the state of boosting implementation. Release the箭头向下key, that is, quit boosting.

Implementation mode.

  • Headlights on (brightness switching)

Press the long 箭头向上key, and after 1 second, the headlights turn on (need the support of the controller), and the brightness of the LED lights decreases. Press the long箭头向上key again, and after 1 second, the headlights turn off, and the display brightness recovers.

  • Power display

When the battery charge is normal, the 5-segment LCD of the battery displays the charge according to the time and the outer frame lights up. When the battery runs out of power, the 5-segment LCD of the battery completely goes out and the outer frame flashes, so it needs to be charged immediately. The battery charge is shown in the following figure:


Battery charge (C) displays the corresponding table (the charge indication can be adjusted according to the demand)

serial number

On the display (SOC)

Display on the meter

Voltage (24V)

Voltage (36V)

Voltage (48V)
one C≤5%

Battery outer frame flashin



2 5%<C<15% One-grid quantity 23.1<U<24.5


15%≤C<35% Two-grid quantity 24.5≤U<25.1 34.7≤U<35.8 45.1≤U<46.5
four 35%≤C<55%

Three-grid quantity




five 55%≤C<75%

Four-grid power




six C≥75% Five grid quantity U≥27



  • Fault information

  • Fault display

The fault code is displayed, and the fault icon prompts (the red LED flashes, and the numerical code follows the 5-digit binary plan).


The red flashing of the above four LED lights indicates that the display communication is poor with error30 (binary 11110 is equal to 30 after conversion)

  • Definition of fault code

The fault code is obtained from the controller instruction. Generally, the controller defines the meaning of the error code. The meter only defines the unreachable ERROR 30.

Fault code

Fault description Investigation and analysis


Communication failure, the display can't receive the data from the controller or the received data is wrong data. 1: Check whether the TX and RX communication lines are connected correctly.

2. Check whether the harness and connectors are loose or broken.

3. Check whether the display communication protocols match.

  • Connection definition


The outlet terminal of the display is connected with the terminal of the controller.

Table 1 Standard connector wire sequence table

Standard line sequence

Standard line color function
one Red (VCC) Display power cord

Blue (Kp)

Power control line of controller

Black (GND)

Display ground wire

Green (RX)

Data receiving line of display

Yellow (TX) Data transmission line of display

Note: The leads of some products are waterproof plug-ins, so users can't see the color of the leads in the harness.

  • Matters needing attention

  • During use, pay attention to safety, and don't plug and unplug the display when it is powered on.

  • Try to avoid using it in harsh environment, such as heavy rain, heavy snow and exposure.

  • When the display cannot be used normally, it should be sent for repair as soon as possible.



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